The good fight: win your freedom from tooth decay. articles

The good fight: win your freedom from tooth decay.

The enemy is in there: sticky, sugary gunk called plaque. ItÂs lurking along your gum line, itÂs hiding out between your teeth, and itÂs up to you to eliminate it. DonÂt let tooth decay rule your mouth. Follow these steps to win your freedom from dental disease.

  1. Intercept the Ammo  Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acid, which erodes tooth enamel. Limiting your intake of sugary or starchy foods will disarm cavity-causing bacteria.
  2. Full on Attack  Hit Âem hard and never back down. A constant affront to dental decay is your best bet for success. Brush 2-3 times a day, after meals and before bed, for 2-3 minutes at a time.
  3. Sneak Beneath the Line  The gum line, that is. While brushing removes debris from the tooth surface, bristles canÂt cut it in crevices, between teeth and below the gums. Gently glide floss between teeth and down to the gums to get a hold of gunky junk below the surface.
  4. Build an Alliance  In the war against decay, your dentist is by your side. Typically, cleanings should be scheduled every six months, but some conditions may require more frequent visits. Talk to your dentist about the best care for your mouth.


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