C’s and D’s in School May Mark Cavities and Decay in the Mouth

Thereâs one thing your child needs to succeed in school that isnât listed on his or her supply list: a dental check-up. Over 40 percent of children suffer from some sort of dental decay and over 50 million school hours were lost last year alone due to dental related issues. Considering these statistics, itâs not surprising that recent studies report that oral health problems can decrease a childâs school performance. After all, missed work must be made up, and toothaches and dental pain make it difficult to concentrate both inside and outside the classroom. What is surprising is that if left untreated, dental decay can cause chewing problems, affecting proper nutrition, and impair speech development. This is especially evident in young children when decay causes primary teeth to be lost prematurely. To top it off, dental decay and oral infections can impair social development too! Decayed or missing teeth or poor oral hygiene can make children self-conscious, and can provide fuel for teasing and bullying. Luckily, dental disease is 100% preventable. In addition to practicing daily oral care and packing healthy lunches, regular dental visits protect your childâs smile from developing decay. This fall, as youâre contemplating notebook designs and pencil colors, donât forget to add a dental visit to your back-to-school to-do list. Itâll help your childâs smile and it might just help their report card too!


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