Some Not-So-Spooky Halloween Statistics

Think the sidewalks seem a little crowded on Halloween? Youre not imagining things 84 percent of Americans say their children do something for Halloween. And there just might be an ulterior motive for parents to approve participation 79 percent admit to sneaking a piece or two of their kids candy. The other 21 percent say they refrain from sugary sweets (or maybe theyre too embarrassed to admit that they raided the candy stash)! Not all homes hand out sweet treats, however. Nearly 25 percent of homes dole out something other than candy, with small toys being the top pick. Other goodies kids can expect to find in their bags include fruit, money, pencils, erasers, and popcorn. What kids receive when they knock on the door also depends on the area of the country. In the Midwest, 78 percent of homes provide chocolate. The northeast part of the nation is more likely to give gum than any other region. And people looking for sugarless sweets are most likely to receive them in the West, where 17 percent of homes hand out the healthier option.1 Wherever you are and whether or not you choose to sneak some sweets, have a safe and healthy Halloween and remember to enjoy candy in moderation. For more healthy Halloween tips and tricks, visit!



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