Enhanced Benefits for Improved Oral Health

Good oral health care is beneficial to more than just your mouth. Oral health and overall health are connected, so people with specific health conditions can often benefit from additional oral health care.

That’s why Delta Dental offers enhanced benefits, a program that covers extra cleanings and exams for members with specific health conditions. For little or no increase in your dental premium, you may be eligible to receive extra care that could improve both your oral and overall health. Based on your dental plan and medical condition, these benefits may include additional cleanings, periodontal maintenance and fluoride treatments.

Some examples of conditions that are eligible for enhanced benefits include:

  • Cancer-related chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Patients undergoing these therapies may have weakened immune systems and dry mouth, which put them at increased risk for cavities and gum infection.
  • Diabetes. People with diabetes are more susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease. Extra cleanings may help improve periodontal health.
  • Periodontal (gum) disease. The tooth loss that can result from periodontal disease may be prevented with more frequent and additional dental care.
  • Cardiovascular diseases or stroke. People with cardiovascular disease share many common risk factors with individuals with gum disease.
  • Kidney failure or dialysis. Additional preventive care may help decrease dental infections, which can be harmful to kidney functions in people with kidney disease.
  • Pregnant women. Hormonal changes can make a pregnant woman’s mouth more susceptible to bacteria and to the development of gum problems. Good preventive care and extra cleanings can help keep these issues at bay.
  • Suppressed immune systems. More frequent oral exams and cleanings may help patients with weakened immune systems, including those with HIV and people who have received organ transplants, avoid severe mouth infections and improve quality of life.

In some cases, you have to sign up for benefits before receiving extra coverage. Check your benefits plan to confirm eligibility. If you’re ready to enroll, just log in at deltadental.com to sign up, or ask your dentist to notify Delta Dental.

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