Thank Your Teeth For a Lifetime of Smiles

Your teeth â they help you eat, speak, sing, laugh, whisper, shout and smile. You probably donât think about all the things your teeth help you do everyday, but imagine if you woke up one day without them. The fact is, 26 percent of Americans over age 65 have lost all their teeth to dental decay. And even with the advanced dental science available today, by age 17 more than seven percent of children have lost at least one permanent tooth to decay! The signs and symptoms of dental disease are not as outwardly evident as many other diseases, so it is often overlooked until painful and unsightly decay is present. Itâs easy to take teeth for granted, but itâs also easy to take good care of teeth. Brush and floss daily and visit a dentist regularly. Show your smile some love, and it will last you a lifetime!


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