What’s Your Score?

If you have a couple of minutes, you have all the time you need to receive a full oral health report on yourself or your children to share with your dentist for free! myDentalScore, our free online risk assessment tool, asks a series of questions about topics such as your family history and your current health status and habits. Your answers to these questions will help determine your oral health risk. myDentalScore will then give you an assessment based on your answers that can be printed and shared with your dentist at your next visit. He or she can discuss the results with you in more detail and come up with a plan thats customized to your specific needs. From periodontal disease to tooth decay, oral health problems are more common than you may think. myDentalScore helps identify risk factors, which enables you to take preventive action and avoid problems before they become serious. Ready to get started? Visit mydentalscore.com/deltadental.


Corn on the cob: Delicious, or dental menace?

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