Try These Tooth Fairy Tricks

The Tooth Fairy has come a long way since the days of slipping a shiny dime under a pillow. While kids are definitely still thrilled with the simple concept of trading a tooth for treasure, we hear shes been spicing up the exchange with custom pillows, Tooth Fairy doors and even receipts for goods received. Check out some of her recent upgrades. Custom pillows. The days of jamming a tiny tooth underneath a huge pillow and making the Tooth Fairy blindly grope around under a heavy sleeping head are gone. Special pillows with tiny, tooth-sized pockets attached are now available online, with themes ranging from princesses to ninjas and beyond. Some of the pillows can even be customized with your little gap-toothed childs name. Do an online search for Tooth Fairy pillows to peruse the possibilities or check out a few on the Tooth Fairys Pinterest page. Tooth Fairy doors. The Tooth Fairy could fly in through an open bedroom window, but giving her a door of her very own makes her job a lot easier. The miniature doors are available online, of course, but its also fairly easy to make your own. With a quick trip to the craft store to buy a dollhouse-sized door, doorknob and some double-sided foam tape, your child could have his or her very own Tooth Fairy door. You can even get your child involved in painting it. Find a how-to here. Tooth Fairy receipts. Some kids want more than a couple of coins as proof that the Tooth Fairy was really there. This kit contains a Certificate of Record for filing lost teeth with the Tooth Fairy and includes an envelope and bag for safekeeping of lost teeth. You can also print off one of these letters, receipts or certificates from the Tooth Fairy or make your own. Tooth Fairy money. With a spritz of hairspray or spray glue and a sprinkling of glitter, the Tooth Fairy can leave money thats just a bit magical. Not only is it easy, it takes just seconds.


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