Gearing Up for Summer Sports

With warmer weather and longer days, many people are much more active in the summer. Though you’ve probably already stocked up on sunscreen and summer sports gear in preparation, here are some precautions to take when it comes to your teeth, too: Always use a mouth guard for contact sports. Are your kids running the bases this summer? If so, be sure to have them fitted for a mouth guard before the season starts. After all, you want to celebrate a successful slide into home with cheers and hugs, not an emergency dentist trip. By the way, that advice goes for you, too. Whether you’re participating in your office summer volleyball league or showing off your slow pitch skills against company rivals, make sure you wear a mouth guard. That’s one way to ensure that the water cooler crowd is talking about your sweet spike instead of your newly gaping grin. Keep an eye on the sports drinks. A cold sports drink is pretty refreshing to help recover after a hard summer workout or run. Unfortunately, for routine consumption, most sports drinks aren’t doing your teeth any favors thanks to the sugar and citric acid they contain. Before you buy a beverage for routine consumption, check out the label. Choose one that’s sugar-free or stick with good old H2O instead.


When you grill or tailgate, do you try to keep it healthy?

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