It’s Not Easy Being Green

From the first buds of spring to St. Patricks Day events, green crops up everywhere during the month of March including in your food and drinks. Whether its an emerald hue in your beer or those brightly-frosted clover cookies your co-worker brought to the office, most of us consume at least a couple of items containing green food dye this time of year. But will all that green coloring spell bad luck for your pearly white teeth? Unless youre consuming large amounts of food dye on a regular basis, your enamel is likely safe from stains.1 Still, to play it safe, you should rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after snacking on anything loaded with coloring agents. Speaking of large amounts of food dye, did you know that 40 pounds of vegetable dye is used to turn the Chicago River shamrock green on St. Patricks Day?2 Residents dont have to worry about the dye harming their teeth though the coloring only lasts for a few hours. Whether youre in Chicago or someplace else in the U.S., celebrate without all of the artificial colors by trying our green smoothie recipe! But when a tray of shamrock-colored goodies comes your way this month, feel free to enjoy one, guilt-free especially if you brush or drink water afterward.

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