How to Save Some Green at the Dentist

St. Patricks Day isnt the only time of year to see green. You can put some of that lovely shade back in your wallet by following a few easy tips to save money at the dentist. First of all, make sure to use an in-network dentist, a dentist who has a contractual agreement with Delta Dental to provide services to plan members.1 Using a Delta Dental network dentist protects you from being balance billed, meaning you cannot be billed for the difference between Delta Dentals maximum allowance for a particular service and the providers customary fee. Next, make and keep regular appointments with your dentist. Doing so can help your dentist spot problems before they become more serious and more expensive.2 Before your dentist begins any type of treatment, make sure you know what your plan covers and what will have to come out of your pocket. Get a detailed description of the treatment you need so you can check to see how much of the cost will be covered. By knowing what your plan covers, youll also be able to make better-informed decisions about your treatment.2 Discuss your options with your dentist after you know what your plan will and will not cover in some cases, you may be able to opt for a less expensive alternative.2 Remember that dental benefits are designed primarily to help you prevent disease. Thats why procedures such as exams, X-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants for your kids and routine periodontal treatments in adults are usually covered without co-pays or deductibles. Finally, take good care of your teeth! Preventive care such as brushing teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once daily will help prevent bigger problems.2

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