When Dependents Travel

Summer is a time when many kids go camping with friends, visit grandma and grandpa for a week or even hit the road on their own if theyre old enough. What happens if they have a dental emergency and youre not around? The first step is to make sure your child has a copy of your dental benefits card when they travel without you. Be sure to give copies to grandparents or other temporary guardians if your child is too young to keep it safe themselves. If your child is old enough to carry a cellphone, they can also access the dental ID cards via the free Delta Dental mobile app.1 It may be beneficial to install the app on the phone using your policyholder information before any travel occurs. Just be sure to log into the app with your login information before your child leaves, then save the information. Because most Delta Dental plans offer coverage nationwide, your child will likely be able to seek dental treatment wherever they are in the country. Though dental coverage can be used anywhere, youll realize the most cost savings if you can direct your child to an in-network dentist. Thats because Delta Dental network dentists have agreed to provide services at lower costs to members. You can visit deltadental.com and use the Find a Dentist tool to locate an in-network dentist in your dependents ZIP code.2 The Find a Dentist tool is also available on the Delta Dental mobile app. Additionally, some plans offer coverage abroad. If your child plans to leave the country over the summer, be sure to check with your benefits administrator or call Delta Dental to clarify before travel.3

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