Summertime Nutrition on the Go

With summer sports in full swing, its easy to grab snacks and drinks that arent very tooth-friendly. Healthy, nutritious snacks can be just as convenient with a little planning. One easy change to make is to replace pop. Instead of sipping soda while watching soccer or softball, infuse water with fruit or vegetables (try cucumbers!). Infused water provides great, natural flavor and a lot less sugar. Do the same for your kid by helping them rehydrate after a game with water or milk instead of juice or carbonated beverages.1 Chips, crackers and cookies are also full of starch, which your body converts to glucose. A fun and tasty alternative would be to bring peanuts2 (dont crack the shells with your teeth!) or some unbuttered popcorn3 (you just might want to bring some floss). You can probably even buy both options at the concession stand. Making healthy changes in your life can be as easy as switching out snacks for better options. Its simple, great tasting and great for you!

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