12 Reasons to Smile in 2012

There are many health benefits that come with doing something as simple as smiling. With a new year and New Year’s resolutions upon us, why not reap the benefits of this immune-boosting expression and make a resolution to smile more! To help you get started, here are 12 reasons to smile more in 2012.

  1. A smile can help your heart. When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in blood pressure, try it out!
  2. A smile makes you appear more attractive; it draws people in and makes you more approachable.
  3. It’s contagious. Try smiling at someone; more often than not you will see them smiling right back at you.
  4. Smiling can change your mood. Even a forced smile can trick the body into changing your mood.
  5. A smile can reduce stress. Stress shows up in your face; smiling helps to prevent you from looking tired, worn down and overwhelmed.
  6. Smiling releases endorphins. Endorphins help you to have a natural feeling of well-being.
  7. Smiling exudes positivity. When you or someone you care about is unhappy, sometimes kind words are not enough. A smile often helps improve the outlook and feeling that things will get better.
  8. A smile can help you connect with others. When you smile, you communicate openness and people will warm up to you quicker. Smiling as you speak on the phone can also enrich a conversation. A smile indicates a certain trust and confidence.
  9. It’s free! Smiling doesn’t cost a dime; it free for the taking, and giving.
  10. Smiling builds self-esteem. It helps to take away negative thoughts making you more likely to do things you might normally be afraid of.
  11. Smiling indicates forgiveness and openness to forgive. Although it may be hard to smile at someone you are not on good terms with, a smile is a gesture that signals to others that you are open to forgive or ask for forgiveness.
  12. A smile can brighten someone else’s day. A smile is a silent gesture that shows other people that you care.


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