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Sometimes It’s Sweet to Not Share

Whether talking treats or toys, were typically taught from a young age that sharing is important. When it comes to items we put in our mouths, though, the best way to show you care is to not share. Thats because cavity-causing or gum-disease germs can be passed from mouth to mouth through saliva.1 Here are a few things to avoid sharing with your sweetie this Valentines Day: Utensils. Though its tempting to share bites of dessert especially after a Valentines Day dinner youll be showing your teeth some love if you each use your own fork and spoon. Straws. It may seem considerate to offer your movie date a sip of your beverage while youre waiting for the previews to end, but sharing straws is another good way to share bacteria. Opt for two drinks (or your own straws) instead. Toothbrushes. Weve all been there at least once: the forgotten toothbrush on an overnight trip out of town. Though you might start eyeing your spouses toothbrush, its best to call down to the front desk and ask if they have a spare many hotels are happy to provide small toiletries such as these. Pacifiers. If you have an infant at home thats stealing your heart this Valentines Day, one of the sweetest things you can do is keep an extra pacifier on hand. Instead of popping a dropped binky in your mouth to wash it off, give your baby the clean spare one. Remember to practice good oral hygiene, which includes regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing, and see your dentist on a regular basis.2

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