Save Money With In-Network Dentists

Between gifts, entertaining, donations and décor, most of us spend more money during the holiday months than we do throughout the rest of the year. Luckily, you can save a little green at dental appointments when you visit a Delta Dental in-network dentist.

Delta Dental in-network dentists have agreed to pre-established fees on most common dental procedures for Delta Dental members. Every network dentist also goes through a credentialing process, so you know you’re getting quality care and saving on out-of-pocket costs.

Another benefit of using our extensive dentist network is protection from “balance billing.” Our in-network dentists have agreed not to charge more than Delta Dental’s allowed fees, nor will they bill you for the difference between the allowed fee and their usual fee, also known as balance billing.

You can visit out-of-network dentists, but the fees will be higher and you may be balance billed. Here’s an example:

Example Savings for a Common Procedure

Estimated Charge Maximum Allowed Fee Percentage Paid by Delta Dental Amount Delta Dental Pays Amount Dentist can Balance Bill Total Amount You Pay Your Total Cost Savings
Delta Dental PPOSM Network $1,200 $850 50% $425 $0 $425 $350
Delta Dental Premier® Network $1,200 $975 50% $487.50 $0 $487.50 $225
Out-of-Network $1,200 $1,100 50% $550 $100 $650 $0

With more than 152,000 dentists in our network, finding an in-network dentist is easy. Use the Find a Dentist tool at or on Delta Dental’s free mobile app to find a network dentist in your area or to see if your current dentist is in-network.


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