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Brush Your Way Onto the Nice List

Naughty brushers may not find a lump of coal in their stocking, but sooner or later theyâre sure to find a similarly sinister surprise someplace else â cavities in their mouth. Of course keeping a kidâs mouth healthy can sometimes be as challenging as keeping them on the nice list. Itâs no secret that kids can have very short attention spans. If your child has become bored with brushing or slacks off on their flossing, win back their interest by making brushing fun!

  • A fun toothbrush can go a long way. Let your child pick out a new child-sized, soft-headed brush every 2-3 months, or whenever the bristles have started to fray.
  • Self-timing toothbrushes are designed with impatient kids in mind. The toothbrushes light up or play songs to keep kids brushing for a full 2-3 minutes.
  • Be sure to use childrenâs toothpaste. These pastes not only taste better to children, but they are specially formulated for children, who may accidently swallow the paste instead of spitting. Many also have fun packaging and colors.
  • Get the whole family to brush together for a brushing party! This helps parents and older siblings set a good example for younger family members.
  • Put an egg timer in the bathroom and encourage your child to beat the timer by brushing past the buzzer.

Teach your child about their teeth, and why taking care of their mouth is important. The Smile SquadTM â a pint-sized team of oral health action heroes â can help. Animated adventures, oral health activities and more are available at


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