Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day!

Every year,
Delta Dental asks parents and caregivers an important question: How much money did the Tooth Fairy leave if she visited your house this year? To celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22*, were excited to share the results.

  • The average amount children received under their pillows was $3.50 in 2013, up 45 percent from 2012.
  • The Tooth Fairy left an average of $4.51 for the first lost baby tooth.
  • 6 in 10 caregivers say its mom who assists the Tooth Fairy, while 35 percent say dad helps.
  • 54 percent of children waited for the first tooth to fall out on its own.
  • 22 percent of excited kids pulled out the tooth themselves!
  • 16 percent asked a parent for help pulling a tooth.
  • 15 percent of parents say their child lost a tooth at school, while 13 percent say the tooth was lost while eating.

Talking about the Tooth Fairy with your child is a great way to have a discussion about good oral health habits. Introduce her to your child early on, even before baby teeth start wiggling. Let your child know that the Tooth Fairy appreciates healthy teeth (and pays more for them)! You can also leave a note from the Tooth Fairy that praises your childs good habits or reinforces that brushing twice a day and flossing once daily is the best way to keep teeth healthy. Visit TheOriginalToothFairyPoll.com to take the poll, learn more about the Tooth Fairy, and print fun and educational activities for your kids. (And if you dont have August 22 marked on your calendar, get your pen out now or maybe your wand!) *The Tooth Fairy is so popular that she has two days that honor her! You can also celebrate Tooth Fairy Day on February 28.


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