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Baseball’s Bad Habits

From chewing tobacco to sunflower seeds, some bad oral health habits can be found on the baseball diamond.

While the popularity of chewing tobacco has decreased in baseball over the years,1 it still causes major league oral health problems such as root decay, leathery white patches inside your cheek, red sores and even mouth cancer. These issues are often irreversible, and oral cancer is among the toughest cancers to treat. Chewing tobacco is also expensive and addictive.2 Kick your tobacco habit and try chewing sugar-free gum instead.

Most people are aware of the damage chewing tobacco can do, but unshelled sunflower seeds can also cause harm. Cracking seeds with your teeth puts undue stress on a tooth, which can cause it to fracture.3 Can’t pass up this salty snack? Try unshelled seeds instead.

Another bad habit that occurs in baseball and other sports is failing to protect your mouth with a mouthguard. Using a mouthguard can help prevent broken teeth, jaw injuries, and cuts on the lips and tongue.4 From tee ball to the Major League, all baseball players should use a mouthguard.

Whether you’re an all-star or simply an avid fan, it’s time to quit these bad habits. Chat with your dentist for more helpful tips and help quitting your bad habits.

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